Diversity in Investment initiative featured at the CFA Institute Conference in Montreal

Sep 18, 2019

Portrait of Oona Stock, speaking at a podium

Oona Stock, Executive Vice-President and Chief Human Resources Officer at CDPQ, and Co-Chair of the Investor Leadership Network (ILN) “Diversity in Investment” initiative participated in the “Women in Investment Management 2019 – Opening Doors” conference, organized by CFA Institute in Montreal.

During this event, Ms. Stock spoke about the commitment made by members of the ILN to advocate for gender diversity across markets and industries, with an objective on boosting performance.

She also highlighted the strategic importance of ILN’s support to the CFA Institute Young Women in Investment Program, which is designed to foster diversity and inclusion within the investment management profession in growth markets.

This partnership will support existing women’s programs in Mumbai and Bangalore and will seek to expand programs to other economic hubs like São Paulo, with a goal of more than 400 program participants by 2021.

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