Investor Leadership Network

The Investor Leadership Network is an open and collaborative platform for leading investors interested in addressing sustainability and long-term growth.

Our Initiatives

Sustainable Infrastructure

Lowering barriers to sustainable infrastructure investments in emerging markets through innovative financing partnerships and academic training.

Diversity in

Setting standards for investors’ approaches to diversity, equity and inclusion, and ensuring the fulfillment of all talents across investment roles of all levels.


Speeding up implementation of uniform and comparable climate-related disclosures under the FSB-TCFD framework through investor-led resources and toolkits.

Making meaningful progress in the collective pursuit of sustainable economies.

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Our Members

Francesco Martorana Evan Siddall Ritu Arora Céline van Asselt Dominique Senequier Charles Emond John Graham Joseph Pinto Blake Hutcheson Jo Taylor Piet Klop Neil Cunningham Cyrus Taraporevala

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