The ILN makes an appearance at a G20 event in Argentina

Jan 10, 2019

During the recent G20 meetings in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s Chief Risk & Strategy Officer Barbara Zvan spoke to a group of investors and policymakers about the Investor Leadership Network.

She provided an update on the work that has been done in the six months since the initiative was launched. While it is still early days, ILN members are working together to:

  1. Advance the fight against climate change by promoting uniform climate impact disclosure among institutional investors;
  2. Push for more diversity in finance by establishing a “best in class” diversity policy for ourselves and commit to reporting progress, then asking our external managers to do the same. The initial focus is on gender in emerging markets.
  3. Share our expertise in infrastructure through the creation of a fellowship program to increase the capacity of developing countries to build and finance the major projects that are critical to economic growth.

Barbara noted that ILN members aren’t under any illusions that they can fix these issues alone, but felt strongly that they can make a tangible difference.

She also detailed the attraction of the ILN for investors, which includes access to new perspectives and diverse talent, and sharing knowledge and efforts among ILN’s membership. Barbara noted that the three initiatives may take time to come to fruition, but that they represent sound long-term investments that will help tackle systemic issues facing the global community. 

Finally, she suggested that while it was inspired by the G7, the ILN was open to working with other organizations who share its vision and values.

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