Achieving A Gender Just World: Thought Leaders Provide Actionable Ways To Break Through Equality’s Biggest Barriers

Aug 19, 2021

“‘I often tell my four young children when they are confronted with an injustice that they have two choices: become part of the solution or remain part of the problem by being silent and complicit in a world that allows it to persist.    

The more we place women in places of innovation, of decision making and of power, the more equal our world will inherently become. This means that we must prioritize inclusion—especially financial. As the G7 countries jointly spend $100 billion on climate solutions over the next four years, women should be at the table. This will require the investment community to become more stringent in their social due diligence, as well as capital seeking companies explicitly committed to intersectional gender diversity.’ —Amy Hepburn | CEO of the Investor Leadership Network”

Read the full article in Forbes.

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