Envisioning A Gender Just World: Global Thought Leaders Weigh In

Aug 4, 2021

“‘In a gender equal world, people of all genders will have equal representation at the highest levels of decision making, whether that be in the courtroom, the political arena, the boardroom or through financial status. The words “boss” and “founder” will no longer be preceded by a gender label because gender will no longer be a determinant of access to and success in leadership positions. The ladder to these titles will not be custom-built for masculine behaviors. Women will no longer break through the professional glass ceiling by assimilating to the patriarchal definitions of professionalism; there will be no need to “bring your folding chair,” because a seat will already be waiting at the table, ready to support you exactly as you are.’ —Amy Hepburn | CEO of the Investor Leadership Network”

Read the full article in Forbes.

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