ILN CEO Amy Hepburn Joins Sustainable Finance Roundtable with Canadian Government

May 18, 2022

OTTOWA | May 18, 2022–– Amy Hepburn, CEO of the Investor Leadership Network (ILN), represented the ILN at a High-Level Roundtable for Sustainable Finance in Ottowa, Canada today to discuss the role of sustainable finance in addressing climate change and building a carbon neutral economy. 

Convened by Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the roundtable included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, key players in Canada’s financial and banking sector, institutions and representatives of the Government of Canada, clean economy leaders, political leaders and civil society.  

Representatives from each organization had a few moments to speak about their sustainability initiatives and share their perspectives on how Canada’s financial and governmental institutions can better collaborate to establish the country as a leading financier for global sustainable development. 

Amy Hepburn shared ILN members’– several of which are Canadian– interests in increasing blended finance opportunities, as outlined in ILN’s Blended Finance Blueprint. By working together, governmental leaders and private financial institutions can take concrete actions to dramatically drive investment for a sustainable transition. Throughout 2022, the ILN is attending roundtables like today’s to propose solutions that would remove the barriers to increased private investment in emerging and frontier markets and increase blended financing opportunities. 

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